Advanced DualBeam automation for every need

Recorded Thursday, June 28 2018

Demands for high throughput, reproducibility and ease of use when operating a DualBeam™ system are increasing constantly. Time to data and efficiency of using the microscopes drive users to think more and more of automation.

Recently, Python has emerged as a premier open source scripting language for scientific research. Thermo Fisher Scientific has developed and launched AutoScript 4 API, a Python-based application programming interface (API) that offers control of SEM and DualBeam systems. This video shows how the AutoScript 4 API provides access to most of the microscope functions, including imaging, patterning, detector control, stage movement control and gas injection systems. Bringing advanced automation to every SEM or DualBeam system, the AutoScript 4 API gives researchers and scientists the tools to make their systems more productive


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